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Spectacular colour into this arid Utah desert by Guy Tal

"Every few years, for a few fleeting days, when conditions are just right, these otherwise arid lands burst into color with carpets of Scorpionweed and Beeplant." - Utah’s badlands"

The Badlands region in the American West is famous (or infamous) for its arid and unforgiving landscape, which is decorated by sharp and eroded spires of stone. If you catch it at just the right moment and in the right conditions, however, these apparent wastelands can give birth to an extraordinary explosion of color and life in the form of beautiful wildflowers.

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You can never have enough bookshelves.

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

the nerve of you lookin this good

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i feel bad for twins that aren’t equally attractive

this was me and my twin prom night image

thank you for the text post

another year, another disappointment  


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the burn club

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I’m still not sure what “European features” are.

"Her eyebrows called to mind the curve of the Arc de Triomphe and her breasts were like the rising domes of two twin Saint Paul’s Cathedrals.”

"His erection was like the tower of Pisa: Stubby, bending to the right, slowly collapsing, and featuring in far too many embarrassing photos."

"Her legs were like the legacy of colonial Imperialism: They went on for fucking ages"

"Taking her top off was like the Tower Bridge opening: It stopped traffic."

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the end is near. [x]